About KICA
We are a new Islamic association established in January 4, 2016 to help and serve the Muslims in Korea.
It is a new Islamic association that needs all Muslims’ efforts and cooperation to achieve the dream of Muslims for building an Islamic school to protect Muslim children faith, culture and identity and to build their integral personality based on principals of the true faith and knowledge to stand on their own and carry the mission of spreading Islam in Korea.

KICA is also a Halal Certification organization approved by KOREAN Government. Our organization is established, owned and managed by a team of Muslim professionals who are qualified and experienced in the food and meat industry for a prolonged period of time. KICA team members strictly adhere to the Quran and Sunnah which provide the guidelines in bringing excellent Halal services to both Halal markets and communities. (Our organisation shall have responsibility for complying with all the Islamic rules).

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