Our Goals and Purposes
Our very main goal now is to build an Islamic school to protect the YOUNG MUSLIM GENERATION inshallah because of the following reasons:

  1. most of the kids are so disobedient to their parents in many ways because of the effecting of the open local culture especially when they grow up as teenagers.

  2. Kids are easy going to eat none halal food in foreign schools because they are mixed with none Muslims who have a deferent culture and because they don’t have enough knowledge about the concept of halal and haram.

  3. Many parents are busy to give their kids enough Islamic education and values.

  4. Even if there are conservative parents who push their children to grasp Islamic knowledge, their efforts go in vain because of the surrounding environment, lacking to the suitable curriculum and no qualified Muslim teachers who can carry that mission.

  5. Also, Some Muslims got married to none Muslim ladies, in such cases, the fathers live in suffering, worries, confusion and endless troubles all the time even if their wives cooperating and agreed with them to raise the children in Islamic way, but the result so often is very tragedy.

  6. Out of getting to all details of the difficulties that Muslims facing in their live in Korea, in general, there are a lot of difficulties and problems that can be solved if the Islamic school is founded.

  7. After things regarding the school settling down we may think to go to another project serves the Muslims wherever it is needed in the territory of Korea inshallah.

To build a strong, unified and cooperated Islamic Ummah (nation) in Korea.
Participating in Da'wah (calling people to Islam).

  1. Certification of Halal products locally and internationally.

  2. Conduct Halal Audits to KICA clients.

  3. Certification of Halal products includes meat and meat products, processed products, food beverage,
    food flavours, pharmaceuticals, Health care products, cosmetics and restaurants.

  4. Supervising, watching, checking and monitoring the halal products for the KICA clients closely including all manufacturing process.

  5. We also aim at actively participating in community activities including fund raising, donations, supporting funerals, Eid celebrations, women’s and children’s programs in the Muslim and non-Muslim communities.

  6. Creating job vacancies for Muslims by hiring trustworthy Muslim employees in that companies after training them as a condition for them to get the halal certificates.

Explaining the concept of halal and haram (allowed & prohibited things) in Islam, as a way of Dawah, as it is a very important thing but one of the main points in Muslims life and have to introduce it to none Muslims (especially the owners of the factories) to understand the Muslim’s workers life who are working for them . It worth to mention that there are a lot of Koreans asking about that especially those who travel to Muslim countries.
Trying to find way or suitable place for Muslims to do their sacrifice in Eid Aladha and other occasions (such as, national days, circumcision Aqeeqah …etc.) freely and peacefully without any difficulties or obstacles through negotiation with the government in this regard.
In the future there will be many things to do for the sake of Islam and Muslims inshallah……
And we ask Allah to bring a good luck for all Muslims and ask Allah to help us and support us to carry out this huge mission and to achieve our goals inshallah, aaameen.

(KICA Administration)

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